A Good Relationship Needs Love.........

the clue is in the name

Lovegrove Design & Photography is ALL about relationships.

Great design is all about great communication. In order to communicate with your potential customer base effectively, you need to have a great relationship with your marketing and design professionals.

Lovegrove Design & Photography is ALL about relationships.
There is no substitute for one to one connections with investment on both sides.

My clients are not accounts, they are people with needs, they are friends and their success is important to me.


“Michelle such a pleasure to work with both as a photographer and designer. She puts people at their ease,shares her experience and expertise and quickly gets to the heart of our communication needs with great results.”

Helena Holt
CEO Devon Air Ambulance

“Michelle is very personable and works exceedingly well whilst under pressure to complete a given task (which have on occasions been very tight). Michelle is very creative and is fully capable in designing and recreating new formats and she is always striving to better her previous work. Michelle has a great ability to retain information and coupled with her trustworthiness I have no concerns in fully recommending Michelle to future clients and employers.”

John Oaten
J&R Frozen Foods


Graphic Design

Quality, bespoke design for logos, letterheads, brochures, signage, business cards and print adverts


Print Procurement

Experienced print procurement and project management, using a combination of locally sourced suppliers and the very best value to suit any budget size.


Professional Photography

Professional, affordable commercial photography. From product photography to aspirational concept photography and event coverage.


Social Media Management

Social media marketing, content generation and copy writing. Helping you stay ahead of the game.

“I cannot recommend Lovegrove Design & Photography more highly from the work undertaken for Devon Air Ambulance Trust. The standard and creativity is second to none, creating great results. Michelle has taken time to understand our brand meaning that there is a consistency, making her very much part of our team.”

Sarah Burden
Marketing Manager
Devon Air Ambulance


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We can help you with a multitude of aspects of your branding and marketing projects.


We can offer affordable website solutions for small businesses, without baffling jargon and inflated pricing

Design for Print

With decades of experience in print design, we can offer effective design and intelligent material selection for your printed marketing

Professional Photography

Professional photography, in house..not outsourced means that your imagery will compliment your marketing material and is affordable

Social Media Management

Effective social media account management and content generation

Brand management

Complete branding and rebranding solutions that offering clarity and recognition

Copy Writing

We can help you decide what you want to tell your potential customers and how to say it

Affordable, effective design

Design for all formats of marketing

Professional Photography

In house - not outsourced

From products to portraits, or events to lifestyle


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